Friends Church

A Church for People who don't fit Church

We know that not everyone fits traditional church. Hell, most of us don’t fit traditional church. But most of us also want spirituality in our lives. Friends Church can help you find your unique spiritual journey: a journey that will not only connect you to something More but will change your entire life (and hopefully your entire world) …for the better.


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Listen to our Weekly Message or Join us on a Sunday @ 1030

Our Sunday morning meeting is free. We do take donations during the service, but it’s optional. If what we do offers value, we invite you to help us keep it going by donating. Your donation covers the costs of the morning including the facility, the supplies for the programs and the staff.



Calendar of Events

Friends Church
900 47th Ave SW
Calgary, AB

10:30 AM each Sunday

Recent Messages

Love Your Neighbour
June 21, 2017

What You Should Know About the Impact of Modern Internet Porn

A number of years ago we interviewed a sex therapist on stage on Sunday and someone asked the question "is porn ok for couples to use?" "Yes" the sex therapist…
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June 18, 2017

Prayer Revisited – Spiritual Experience

Speaker:  Vince Klassen I had a moment just recently where I experienced something More – call it God, the divine, I don’t care. But it was amazing. That hasn’t happened…
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