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March 18, 2018

Bombproof – Religion… the opium of the people

Speaker: Jeff Jarvis None of us want to walk into a situation where our entire spirituality is under threat - be it a friend who knows way too much about…
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March 11, 2018

Bombproof – Time to Get Out of the Kiddie Pool

Speaker: Vince Klassen I was talking with a friend I haven’t seen in probably 10 years. And we were talking about why he stopped being a pastor and started building…
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February 6, 2018

The Team is Built- Now what?

The 2018 Project Mexico team is assembled and getting geared up. We have a team of 29 who have committed their time and resources to impact the life of someone…
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January 31, 2018

The Sin of Certainty – A Review

January 22, 2018 Several weeks ago Vince spoke on various models/ideas of God that are prevalent in the “church”. I was able to relate well to what he was talking…
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January 21, 2018

Treating Scar Tissue

Speaker: Jeff Jarvis Have you ever noticed people’s overreactions to certain situations? Someone pokes a little fun at someone and that person gets really upset. Now everyone in the room…
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