Taking water to our world (our jargon for loving people tangibly) in a global context is really tough.  There’s so much to think about.  What agency do you go with?  Red Cross, Food for the Hungry, Water.or?   What about which country to focus on.  Guatemala?  Zimbabwe? Vitenam?   Which ones have the Zika virus?  Which one had the last kidnapping for ranson?  Which one will you be safe in?  It can by scary!

So, we thought we would make it easy for you.  By finding a number of global experiences, vetting the organizations and amking sure that you will be safe while you are working.  We took all the complexity out of it.  Now, all you have to do is pick where you want to get and start getting your trip together.

One of the biggest antidotes of the jadeness of Calgary culture is to experience poverty.  True, systemic poverty.  Your life will be changed in so many little ways, that all add up to the same life, but a completely different perspective on that life.

Sure, you can try to make changes in your life; hit the gym, start cooking new foods, visit a part of Calgary that you’ve never been to.  But what we have found is, that only works for a little bit, and for a short amount of time.

If you are willing to give of yourself, to help people in true poverty, that change in you will last a lifetime.

Click on the experiences below and start changing the world, and your life.

Global Water Experiences
September 13, 2017

Rebuilding Hope after Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has brought unprecedented destruction to Texas and the real toll of lives lost, communities hurting, and homes and businesses destroyed is just beginning to unfold.  Harvey is the…
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Global Water Experiences
April 27, 2017

Amor Family Camp

Family Camp is an all-inclusive mission trip for the entire family organized through Amor Ministries, an organization we've frequently partnered with.  It's about helping families Take Water and offer hope…
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