Speaker:  Jeff Jarvis

Last week we talked about the often difficult but important process of being true to ourselves. It’s a step that can be so freeing; being empowered to assert ourselves and express our individuality. However, it often creates a different kind of problem: tension with people in our lives who don’t feel comfortable with differing opinions, lifestyles, beliefs, etc. Sadly, many relationships get trapped in this “Chaos” level of community, experiencing greater levels of isolation and loneliness from the people we love.

To move past the chaos of level two to the next level of community requires a skill-set that many of us have never developed: engaging in difficult conversations. Whether you’re the person who’s isolated because of your newfound individuality, or the person who’s struggling to accept someone’s differences, I guarantee that there will be a challenge for you this Sunday.

Do you know someone who doesn’t fit church? Why don’t you invite them to join you for a workout at the gym this Sunday?


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