Speaker:  Jeff Jarvis

Most people I talk to, love the idea of having a group of people in their life who they could experience true community with. To have friendships that are committed and safe, inclusive and authentic, that operate with high levels of mutual-awareness. That possibility seems to be something most are looking for. But what does it take to experience something like this?
For many, quality community has been a mystery, often boiled down to sheer luck with the people you end up befriending. Is it though?

What would you think, if I told you that there are stages of community that every group will fall into. And that there are specific skillsets that when understood and applied, can unlock the possibilities of experiencing deeper stages of amazing community? Do you know what stage your closest community would be in? Do you know what may be keeping it from becoming better?

Invite a friend “who doesn’t fit church” to the gym this Sunday. Over the next two weeks we’re going to chat about this.

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