Speaker:  Vince Klassen

I’ve been studying religion and spirituality for almost half of my life now. During this time I have kept getting caught up in what I thought were spiritual questions. But as I talked with people in my life and found they were struggling with the same questions I was – I realized we all thought we were doing spiritual work. Recently, I’ve found that maybe we were mistaken. Maybe we were focused on the wrong thing. Once I was able to see what we were focused on – and it wasn’t spirituality – I found such freedom in my journey that things exploded for me.

This Sunday, I want to show you what I learned, so that you can find the same freedom in your spiritual journey. Join us this Sunday at the spiritual gym, we’re going to have fun!

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  • Karen says:

    Certainty. There is one. There is a God over all heaven and earth. He is not wild (that’s blasphemy BTW). If you read the bible you will find that there is only one way to heaven and that’s through Jesus Christ, Gods only son, who died for our sins and rose again. It’s not through belief in love, salvation is available through Jesus as a free gift. Love is a great thing and the book teaches that one of the most important commandments is to love your neighbor as yourself. So, yes, love is great, but it won’t save you. With regards to “Will he said my friend to hell?”. That all depends if that person gave their heart to and accept Jesus as their personal savior or not. If not, then yes, they are destined to hell, that’s certainty, and a fact. Does God hate that gay guy? No, he loves the gay guy, but hates their life style because it’s abhorrent to a holy God. There are spiritual rules in this kingdom and you can deny them if you want, but it’s your peril. Read the book, it’s not fiction, it’s a book of life.

    • Friends Church says:

      Hey Karen, Thanks for sharing your views on this. Clearly, we disagree on a few points, and I’m ok with that. I hope you are too. All the best! -Vince

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