Taking Water

Making Your World a Better Place

What is Taking Water?

Its making the world a better place!

As you find your unique spirituality with us, you will find your life will get more healthy, more balanced and good things will spill out to those around you. You will have energy to help a friend, be present with a family member, or resources to support a cause.

At Friends Church we call this goodness spilling out of us “Water.”  We love Taking Water!

Find out ways you can Take Water to your world


There are people in your life that you see every day. These people have hurts, issues and things they need from you, and if you were to Take Water to them it would have a profound positive impact in their lives.  And the best part of it is, these are the people you love the most.  

We call this Taking Water in your personal life.


There are people all over your town or city who need your help.  People who if you Take Water to them their lives would be forever changed. From volunteering in organizations like the Drop Inn Center or Brown Baggin it for Calgary Kids, to helping a stranger you meet on the street. Taking Water in your community is amazing because of its impact on lives of the people around you.

We call this Taking Water locally.


Globalization can have devastating impacts, but it also allows you to positively impact the lives of people who live halfway across the world.  From sponsoring refugees from Syria, to building houses for families in Mexico to funding the fight to eradicate chronic malnutrition in Guatemala, Taking Water to world often opens our eyes to the hardship that we don’t experience here at home.

We call this Taking Water globally.

How You Can Get Involved

Project Guatemala

Sometimes there is an opportunity that allows us to Take Water to a community in a way that will change them for all the generations to come.  That’s what we found in Project Guatemala’s Veggie School.

Guatemala has the 4th highest rate of Chronic Malnutrition… in the world.  That’s right, in the same continent as us and massive portion of the children have so little healthy foods to eat that they will be physically smaller than normal children.

So along comes Veggie School where we pay for families to learn to grow healthy food – broccoli, chard, lettuce and other healthy veggies – for the families to eat, and if they have a little extra, they can sell them to other families.  This is one of those Teach-a-person-to-fish scenarios, and they will never go hungry.

Project Mexico

At Friends Church we created a Taking Water “Bootcamp”. Every year, we take a group of volunteers down to Mexico to build houses for families. In this community people live in hastily made shelters, no secure walls, no locking doors, nothing to keep the dangers of the world outside.  So every year we travel down there to build modest houses that allows these people to do things we take for granted, like locking their door.

This the experience of Taking Water globally, but something happens after we come back, we find that our Taking Water jumps to the next level.  We feel empowered to help like we have never had before.

Friends Church wants to invite you to be a part of this project and experience Taking Water globally.

Local Water

At Friends Church we created a Kijiji-like group we call
Friends Helping Friends where you can find people to Take Water to.  Every need on the list has been vetted by us, so we know these are real needs and your help will make a positive impact.

To participate you simply need to go to  www.friendshelpingfriends.ca and click Join Group. Once you have signed up you will be kept up-to-date on the latest needs and then you can start Taking Water Locally either by volunteering your time or donating resources where needed.

Also if you know of a need, please post it to the group at www.friendshelpingfriends.ca and someone will contact you to start getting it vetted.

Project Syria


Sometimes Taking Water globally suddenly becomes local.  That’s what happened with our Project Syria.  It started out giving people the opportunity to help a Syrian refugee family get to Canada.  But now they are here, and they need help with the everyday stuff we take for granted.

If you want to Take Water to the refugee situation, this is a great opportunity.  And not only will you be able to Take Water, you will also gain exposure to this crisis, first hand.

This is a project we share with another church, and B’nai Tikvah Jewish community.  To sign up for the list of things the family needs help with, click here

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