We know that not everyone fits traditional church. Hell, most of us don’t fit traditional church. But most of us also want spirituality in our lives. Friends Church can help you find your unique spiritual journey: a journey that will not only connect you to something More but will change your entire life (and hopefully your entire world) …for the better.


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I was on a road trip recently with a bunch of guys. And when a bunch of guys are driving together, especially if you are together for many hours like we were, a lot of things get talked about.

– at some point we started talking about spirituality.

These are always tricky moments for people who desire for something More because say the wrong thing and people think you are crazy, a zealot like we see on TV. Or a mindless believer who thinks they can prove the unprovable.

– Suddenly there is a part of our lives we need to hide.

But what if there is a way to conceive of spirituality, a way of thinking of our beliefs, that not only supports our spiritual journey, but one that we can talk about with just about anybody and be taken seriously, even have the people in our lives respond to with curiosity?

That’s what this series is focused on doing: articulating the foundations of your unique spiritual journey in an honest and open-hearted way that can be talked about with just about anyone.

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