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We know that not everyone fits traditional church.

Hell, most of us don’t fit traditional church. But most of us also want spirituality in our lives.

Friends Church exists to inspire you to a Spirituality of "Taking Water" - one that makes your worlds better.

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Every Sunday at 10:30am

900 47th Ave SW, Calgary


Current Series

When you stop growing you start dying

-William S. Burroughs.

At Friends Church, we value each person’s unique spiritual journey. We believe everyone has their own path and needs to find what works for them.

However, sometimes we become complacent in our journey. Our spiritual practices can grow dull and tiresome. So, how do we rejuvenate a lifelong spiritual practice?

By exploring something new. Novel. This series will bring new practices, ideas, and theologies to enrich our unique spiritual journeys. It will be a broad exploration through various traditions and practices, so bring an open mind and let’s discover what can add life to our journeys.

Series Started June 2nd

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