We know that not everyone fits traditional church. Hell, most of us don’t fit traditional church. But most of us also want spirituality in our lives. Friends Church can help you find your unique spiritual journey: a journey that will not only connect you to something More but will change your entire life (and hopefully your entire world) …for the better.

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Current Series

Adulting (spiritually) - What does growing up look like...spiritually?

Adulting - an informal term to describe behavior that is seen as responsible and grown-up.

Though it may not feel great at times, isn't there something fulfilling about seeing yourself grow up?  To be able to tackle greater and greater challenges in different parts of our lives.  This applies to our spiritual lives as well. Chances are, you've noticed changes in the way you see the world and in your behaviors and beliefs from a time when you were younger.  That must feel good 

But what exactly does it look like to grow up spiritually?  What does spiritual adulting involve?  For everyone who has at some point wondered what years of the spiritual gym should be leading you toward, this is the series for you.  As a follow-up to our ground-breaking "Base camp" series from years ago, Adulting (Spiritually) will shine a light on some of the common stages and challenges you can expect on your journey. 

Upcoming Series

A Path To Joy

Recently, the Dalai Lama and Bishop Desmond Tutu got together for a historic meeting of 2 spiritual giants. What did they want to discuss? What legacy did they want to leave the world as their lives come to an end?

- A Path to Joy

The end of two long lives of contemplation and spiritual devotion and what they felt was important to leave to the world was their thoughts on living a joy filled life. Two different spiritual paths come to the same conclusion.

It might lead us each to ask the question:

- How much Joy do I have in my life?

Their path is not an easy. Its even paradoxical because pursuit of Joy for its own sake they say won't work. Joy is the outcome of a spiritual life well lived. Its the outcome of a way of relating to the world around us. The outcome of mental practice.

- Are we willing to do the work that leads to a joy filled life?

So we are going to take 4 weeks and following the guidance of these two spiritual giants and explore the cumulative wisdom of their long lives, and start on our own Path to Joy.

Series Starts June 7


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