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We just finished the holiday season. Which is often some combination of fun, stress, parties, exhaustion, expectations, family, blah blah blah. Most of us are looking at the new year feeling a little worn out – maybe even burnt out.

We see this worn out state as a spiritual issue because we see all our lives as influencing, and being influenced, by our spirituality. When we are physically worn out it impacts our spirituality, and vise versa. Same with our emotional state or our relational state. All of it influences, and is influenced, by our spirituality.

And so the most spiritual thing we might need to do in 2020 is to work on the physical aspects of our lives that are dragging down our spiritual lives – not because they are really separate, but because they are inextricably linked.

So if this season is wearing you out? If the parties and the gatherings are stretching your emotions to the breaking point. If your sleep has suffered. If your relational life is overloaded. If your mental habits are not up to the task of this season, this series is for you.

Lets do a holistic checkin and see what areas of our lives we need to work on in 2020 to find the deepest levels of health, and the most engaged form of spirituality.

Back by popular demand. We’ve probably never had a series that elicited as many requests to do more, to go deeper, as this one. And so we are doing Part 2 of our Know Thyself: Striving for a Healthy View of Sexuality series.

Sexuality is a complex issue at the best of times, but right now it seems like our culture is dying to find a healthy view of sexuality. We’ve seen many examples in the media of sexuality used to hurt others: sex abuse, sex misunderstood, sex at the expense of others, sex as business (porn). You name it, our views of sexuality seems to have been touched by it.

Add to this a diverse population of people, and sexuality, and sexual history (both culturally and personally) and conflicting messages about what sexuality even is and what is healthy sexuality, it makes sense that healthy sexuality is one of the most troubling issues in culture right now. Never mind when it touches spirituality…

So we wanted to keep thinking deeply about sexuality. Not because we have the answers, from the first time we did this series it just seemed to show us how deep the rabbit hole is. But ignoring these questions hasn’t seemed to work.

What is healthy sexuality? How has the history of traditional religion impacted our views of sexuality? Where has culture taught us unhealthy views of sexuality? Has abstinence culture prevalent in traditional religious organizations been robust in their teachings around the physical aspects of pleasure? What can we learn from the current mainstream porn industry?

This discussion will be aimed at everyone from teenagers and up. Nothing X rated. But we won’t ignore the relevant topics that we feel need to be explored in order to grow and be healthy sexual human beings.

Unless you are a hermit or committed to celibacy in all parts of your life, this is something worth thinking about!! (P.S. this isn’t a topic only for those in relationship, we see sexuality and pleasure as larger topics than that)

Series Starts Feb 2nd.

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