I looked around at all the men surrounding me, and for the first time in my life, did not feel as if I had to be at least somewhat guarded. I had a fleeting sensation of awe, of ‘Wow! Imagine if I could count on these men, these warriors and protectors, to have my back!

I received this email from a lady sitting in the audience last Sunday.  Her reaction to the men who stood and said we will be a force against sexual violence against women was a powerful reminder to all men that we need to stand up and use our power to love and protect – its needed right now.

That was a big conversation last Sunday.  It was a hard one and it forced many of us to look deep into our lives to see where we have experienced hurt, or caused that hurt.  I’m so proud of everyone who had the courage to attend and be challenged to look at sexual interaction in a new way.  And to wrestle how you can be part of the solution.

And I’m so proud of the men who stood up to say, “we will be a force of love and Protect Her!”  You guys are already changing the conversation already!  Proud of you all!

Check out the video From Alexis Jones and her work to help young male athletes at college campuses to Protect Her (you will learn why that is a title in her video).  Definitely worth a listen.


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