Day 3 of the build – What a day :)

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Day three on the worksite was filled with Kindness (word of the day)

It was also filled with finishing the roof, adding shingles, facia, wrapping the house in tar paper, chicken wire, nailing… so much nailing… to solidify those walls and create a lasting home for our families.

All of this must be done before we add the first coat of stucco.

I find this day very profound, as building a home for someone is like building a relationship and a family. You have to have a foundation, over time walls are the years and memories and adding the stucco and roof are the trust, companionship, and love.
These people already have those and less than two days from now, they will have a much-deserved home.

On a day that we were to focus on kindness, Coke’s were bought for local kids, soccer was played in the streets, lunches were made by the people we were building for, and our team found its groove.

I’ve never worked on a house where we had the first coat of stucco completed in under an hour! And done so well!

The days in Tijuana, working with new personalities every year fills my soul. Meeting the most grateful, yet some of the poorest people helps me to remember that this giant ball that circles the sun is filled with some of the most amazing, kindest and lovely people I’ve ever met.

They remind me that there is so much more than my small part of the world, and gives something back to me that helps me be a better person.

Wendy P

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