Speaker: Vince Klassen

People often ask me, and probably you too, in moments of vulnerability, in moments of crisis, in moments of confrontation

Do you believe in God?

But what sounds like such as simple question is way more complex than it seems!  What do you mean by God?  Because if you mean some old-guy-in-the-sky who is writing down all the bad stuff we do so that he can send us to hell, if that’s what you mean by God, I don’t think I do believe in that God.  So does that make me, does that make you, an atheist? Are those our only options?  Is it old-man-in-the-sky or nothing?
What if there are More options than that? What if there are many More? Beautiful options.  Transcendent options.
That’s what we are going to wrestle with this week at the gym. And I guarantee that you will leave with more options than just old-man-in-the-sky and atheism.  I guarantee it!
Invite someone in your life who needs this conversation.
See you for the fall launch of the series – “I’m Spiritual, not Crazy”: a guide to talking about your spirituality without sounding like a crazy person.

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