Speaker: Vince Klassen

People often ask us, “What’s the end game of this spirituality thing?” Where are we trying to get?  We get it, in an age when there is so much possibility, sometimes we get lost in all the ways forward.

This whole series has been our attempt to plot a trajectory. A path that most of us tend towards as we follow a path towards spirituality. We value everyone’s spiritual journey so it doesn’t look the same for any 2 people but over the years we have seen certain commonalities, certain patterns.

This last week of the series, we are going to explore a path towards Becoming a spiritually mature person.

The work that comes before.
And even the tensions one experiences when on a path to spirituality

And for us, the journey is a fantastic path through self discovery, through personal growth, and then, when we are ready, to a connection to something More. So if you are on this journey with us, we invite you to come explore your roadmap to Becoming someone with a profound connection to the spiritual.

Starting this week, you are allowed to attend in person, so if that fits for you, we’d love to see you

Join us in person or watch the live stream.

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