Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

I heard someone say the other day that the thing they like about the bible, and Jesus specifically, is that they don’t get involved in politics.  I almost laughed out loud! Honestly, IMHO, nothing could be further from the truth.

Jesus and the gospel writers were deeply concerned about the political nightmare that had developed under the oppressive Roman Empire of their day. In fact, what many don’t realize, is just how political some of the language and story-telling is within the bible…even the Christmas story.

Though cryptic to the average reader today, scholars have unearthed a story of protest within the birth narrative of Luke that was subversive and dangerous.  Though it would have offered hope and inspiration to it’s original audience, it would also have put lives in danger. What’s so cool is it’s relevance to our world today. It’s a story that is still as challenging today as ever.  I’m going to tell the story Sunday.

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