Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

Likely, this past week, you found yourself waiting nervously for the latest Gov’t announcements regarding Covid. Perhaps wondering how the next wave of restrictions would impact your work or business, kid’s schooling, or just any hope of things returning to normal.  As we quickly approach December, it’s becoming obvious that this will be a Christmas like none other.

All is not calm, all is not bright.

Times like we’re in, make the idyllic, Norman Rockwell-type Christmas imagery seem so out of touch with reality. So disconnected from our real lives.

The good news, perhaps, is that the true spirit of Christmas isn’t often found in these popular, commercialized, and sentimental interpretations, but rather in the subtle metaphors of the gritty, imperfect, and original bible story. In fact, what you can find within this ancient narrative, is a story more relevant to us now than ever.

Join us this Sunday and we’ll show you why we all need Christmas now more than ever.

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