Speaker: Vince Klassen & Vince Fowler

A number of years ago I was chatting with a friend, a friend who grew up in the christian tradition but now identifies as a complete atheist (no old man in the sky, no divine, nothing More, just nothing). But when his sister was really really sick, at death’s door, he said to me, “I wish I believed in God so that I could at least pray for my sister.”

As many of us explore new ways of looking at the christian tradition, and at the idea of God (whatever that looks like to you)…
– have we lost the idea of the “divine as comfort” in crisis?

Has our spiritual journey become totally academic without that feeling of connection and care?

This week we are going to explore the idea of “the God of comfort” in crisis and see if there is a way we can engage that feeling without having to go back to our old notions of God.

It’s going to be a fun ride. Come on out and bring a friend who has asked these questions. See you at the gym!

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