Are You a Wave? Or an Island?

By January 31, 2014 No Comments

Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

Remember the last time that you felt anxious in your relationship?  When the signals you were picking up from someone you cared about were telling you that they were upset with you, or not interested in you?  This anxiety is very common for people who are “Waves”.  Likely you either have strong ‘Wave” tendencies or you are in relationship with one.  Last week we learned about Attachment.  That, according to experts, each of us attaches ourselves to others we care about in one of three ways:  1. Anxious (Waves)  2. Secure (Anchors) 3. Avoidant (Islands)   This week we’re focusing on the characteristics of “Wave” people.   And there’s a lot of learning about this type of attachment that can help you, or that person you know, love better.


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