Speaker: Vince Klassen

We are living in a more and more complex world. Much of what is going on around us is frankly, beyond our understanding. I know how to check my email on my phone but I have very little knowledge of how my phone works. And more and more of our lives seems to be at a level of complexity that only a few understand. We call these people ‘the experts’.

But this is also a time when trust in expertise seems at an all time low. Scandals in the news. Conflicting experts. What are we supposed to do?

Our spiritual ancestors have been wrestling with this question for thousands of years. We are going to explore their thoughts in this last message on our Ten Commandments revisited series. We want to invite you out to close off this series well. Bring a friend or have a listening party. Your choice. But we are going to end with a bang.

This Sunday, I’m exploring our interactions with the tribal councils of our lives.  Invite a friend and join us at the gym, in person or online.

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