Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

I was 6 years old when I remember experiencing my first trust violation. I was on a teeter-totter with another kid at summer camp. He hopped off when I was at the highest point. I crashed hard – it was painful! Weird…I don’t remember ever getting on a teeter-totter after that experience.

Trust issues…do you have any? It seems, these days, that almost everyone is struggling to know who they can trust – because we’ve been burned. We’ve learned that we can’t always trust the news networks or what we read on the internet. Definitely not the corporate world. And don’t even suggest religious institutions! We can barely trust law enforcement. But it gets really scary when trust breaks down in friendships, and marriages and families. When we experience a “Teeter-tot” moment with someone we really admired or respected. Is there anything more painful than not being able to believe or count on those you love the most?

But flip it around…

Have you ever honestly thought about how trustworthy you are? Like, what score people in your life would give you for your trustworthiness?

Jesus spotted all of this as a concern in his day – and I think it’s as relevant as ever.

Join us in the gym as we explore one way we can all be better citizens.

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