Building day 2 – Framing

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Monday Miracles 💕

Some moments along this journey are better left to be felt rather than described but I’ll do my best to share my heart
Today, heavy walls were built with wet wood, nails entered at the perfect point with the swing of a hammer to hold them tight, then lifted into perfect position, all leading us down the path of providing a perfect home for a family in need 
Today, emotional walls were torn down. Curiosity, which was the word of the day, led us to talk, listen, ask questions and learn about others in ways that allow us to see we are humans wanting the same exact thing in life …. Happiness.
No amount of money, fame, travel, or material items can make us content on the inside.

Today as we sat on the side of a dirt road waiting for our ride, body aching to sleep, extensive amounts of garbage as far as the eye could see, dust grinding in our teeth…. a double rainbow cut through the sky
Happiness was there.

Today was “walls” day, but we all know …. this trip is far more than just building walls of a home

Ps. The team is all safe … besides being a good tired, sore bodies from working hard, a few sunburns that need some TLC and being taken care of (seriously; our Canadian winter skin is shocked with seeing this thing called “hot sun” —

The Project Mexico 2018 team is good to go 💕💕 thanks for your prayers & thoughts

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