Day 2 -The word of the day was Encouragement

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Day 2 – First day on our build sites

This morning we woke in our tents to the sweet sound of roosters, music from the neighbouring factory and barking perros. Today is the day we meet our families and begin the hard work of mixing and pouring the concrete pad as the foundation for their home. We were so excited to have our incredible translators, Marlon and Santos, return to help us out for another year and to welcome a new translator, Junior to our team.

Our word of the day today was “encouragement” and we were sure to keep it in mind as we knew the hard work that was on our horizon today. We split into our teams and head out to our sites, noticing familiar places along the way and held on for dear life as our drivers navigated the terribly washed out roads.

Team 1 arrived to our site in the beautiful sunshine and were warmly welcomed by our family of six, eager to help us get the ground ready for the concrete pad. Throughout the day, we noticed how friendly the children were and how helpful, genuine and hardworking everyone was. The older neighbourhood kids were so sweet, and were eager to ask us questions and even used a translator app on their phone to ask us questions about our life in Canada. At one point, we had an additional four extra set of hands who had come from all over the neighbourhood to take over the shoveling, mixing and pouring of the cement.

Team 2 was lucky enough to already have a concrete pad at their site so they spent their morning getting ahead and framing and sheeting the walls for the home, then were able to split up their team for the afternoon to give support to the others. The father and son in this family helped to cut and carry all the wood for the frames while the daughter helped by measuring and cutting the inside of the walls: “It was impressive”.

While they got the best view of all the sites, Team 3 had many challenges to overcome.  They arrived to find they were missing some key ingredients for the cement and had to work incredibly hard to grade the area itself. With support from members of Team 2, they made a “conga line of sand” to bring it all up the hill and start mixing the concrete. The mom of the family was incredibly helpful and was great at communicating with us, despite the language barrier. She worked so hard to fill in gaps and recognize where help was needed. It was so noticed and very appreciated.

We wrapped up at each site relatively early and got back to our Amor base camp to enjoy our well-deserved showers and because it was so hot today, our shower bags actually warmed right up! We shared an amazing spaghetti dinner and churros around the campfire while we debriefed about our incredible first day- talking about the highlights of our day, something that surprised us and something we learned about our family.

Stay tuned for day 3’s update

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