Day 3 – Curiosity

By March 26, 2019 2 Comments

We woke up on Monday to yet another beautiful day and after an amazing breakfast and morning fire, we set off for our sites with today’s word in mind: curiosity. When we arrived on our sites for the second day, we found that our cement slabs had hardened perfectly for the base of our homes: it was framing day and we had a lot of methodical work ahead of us. We began by laying out and building the seven walls of the home, remembering to measure twice and cut once (usually!). Teams split up to divide and conquer different areas and it was nice to hear everyone encouraging one another, offering extra hands and checking in to see that their crew was hydrated and well fed.

Team 1 was surprised by the generosity of our family as they brought us an incredible meal of “mole” (pronounced: mollay) to share with us for lunch. We loved and appreciated their thoughtfulness as it was a delicious, saucy chicken dish served on fresh bread. At the end of our day, we felt grateful to see the other son in the family came home from work to see the immense progress that had been made on his home. His face lit up as he walked up the road, seeing a beautiful building where, only 9 hours ago, was a simple slab of setting concrete.

Team 2 noticed that “the family and the team really came together as one” as they all worked hard to measure and frame out each piece of the house and stand it all up. Once it was all complete, the team was even able to give extra support to the other crews (it was very appreciated!) who had a few more last minute nails to hammer in before heading back to base camp for the night.

Team 3 was pleased to arrive for the day to find the family was hauling up the sand and dirt with their own vehicle, to be closer to the work site. The littlest boy in the family was so sweet, happily passing our candies to the team as they worked.

Much progress was made today as the buildings really began to take shape: walls were erected, roofs were put on, sheets of plywood covered the empty frames and we began to imagine these houses as homes were our families would feel safe and comfortable. We are loving getting to know these families and are so thankful to have our translators supporting us throughout this process. At our fire tonight we discussed the things we are grateful for, the challenges we had to overcome and acts of kindness we witnessed. It’s been a great way to unwind at the end of the day, connect with new friends and reflect on our work.

Join us tomorrow for the day 4 update

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  • Alex Hendrick says:

    Amazing teamwork. Working with those families is an example to us all; of how much people can accomplish when they work together and support each other. Have a great week. I look forward to seeing the progress and hearing about your journey.

  • Jeannette says:

    Fantastic team mates doing an act of love that will changenot only the lives of the new home owners but the lives of the builders. Bless you all in everything you do! Thanks 🙏

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