Day 4 & 5 – Gratitude and Being In the Moment

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Day 4 – Gratitude

Our last day on our build sites brought us many moments of thankfulness as our word of the day was gratitude.  There was more than enough to be grateful for as we completely finished the house, shared many laughs as we did a second coat of sticky stucco, and tidied up our work sites after a job well done. We then made the annual drive to Tacate where we ate delicious tacos from a local families’ taco stand, then readied ourselves for a big game of soccer against Marlon’s Switch soccer team. Years ago, Marlon started a soccer outreach program for young men to get them off of the street and get them involved in their communities in a productive and positive manner. Marlon’s team squeaked out a *narrow* victory over us as we were shocked to find that our 30 Canadian players couldn’t keep their 6 at bay. We were really impressed with their friendliness and athletic prowess, and willingness to play along with all of our shenanigans. While giving us a post-game speech, coach Carmen was given a sneak attack water dump as a thank you for his amazing leadership and tireless enthusiasm throughout the week.

On our way back to our Amor base camp, we stopped at a local store to buy a few extra gifts for our families. We know they are already so thankful for the house we have built for them but we felt as though it would be nice for us to help make it a home.

To wrap up our evening, we shared an incredible last dinner from the Baja Cooks then got ready for ‘Hot Seat’ where we go around a circle in our teams around a fire and give genuine and thoughtful compliments to one another. We talked about how grateful we were for each others’ hard work on the house, about the friendships that were formed, the hilarious moments that had us all in tears and the genuine love we have developed for one another. It truly feels like we have gained 10 new family members and it was great to have the opportunity to express that affection in a supportive, sincere and safe space.

The next morning we cleaned up our basecamp, ate a last delicious breakfast and said our affectionate goodbyes to the camp cooks.  Our words of the day were “Be in the moment” and we kept that in mind as we took big deep breaths and thought of something we were grateful for before heading out to see our families for one last time.

During the key ceremony, we had many more tears as we told the families how much they have meant to us over the past few days and how grateful we are for the opportunity we have been given to share our light with them. We gave and received many hugs as we promised to visit again next year.

We began our long journey back to the US where, at the Mexican/California border line, we acquired one Hello Kitty, renamed Fernando James, one Predator statue and five banana eboli (freezies).

Photos will be posted tonight once we reach our hotel!

Tijuana songs:

P!nk – Walk Me Home

Macklemore – Downtown

Katie Perry – California Gurls

Soulja Boy – Pretty Boy Swag

Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone

Dan + Shay – Tequila


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  • Greg and Chris Webb says:

    Sounds like it has been an Amazing and Life changing trip for everyone!! Thank you Carmen for taking the time to write the stories of the days adventures and post photos!
    It has been wonderful to share the experience from here at home

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