Day 4 – Kindness

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Day 3 – Kindness is key

In addition to patience, encouragement, and curiosity, this morning we added ‘kindness’ to our words of the day. Kindness towards our Baja Camp cooks, who work tirelessly to fuel us each morning and evening; kindness towards our teams with whom we work so closely each day, and kindness towards ourselves- making sure we take breaks, ask questions and enjoy the little moments.

Team 1 noticed everyone’s amazing cooperation this morning as we began wrapping the sheets of plywood with tar paper and then stringing chicken wire tightly to get ready for stucco. We shared a team lunch in our shaded ‘oasis’, shared some homemade soup that the abuela (grandmother) made especially for us and consumed many, many Coca-Cola! Because the abuelo (grandfather) won’t be there tomorrow, we said our heartfelt goodbyes to him and took our team photo in front of his nearly-completed home.

Team 2: After we had our intention around the fire, we noticed immediately that our team truly embodied the word of the day. We really became a true little family as we felt the genuine, loving, protecting feeling over one another. We got into a really cool rhythm with the three bins for mixing stucco where everyone was contributing, but everyone also had a chance to take breaks and appreciate the moments.  We expressed gratitude for our driver and for the feeling of safety under his care.

Team 3 crew worked so well together, engaged with the community and the sweet kids in the neighbourhood even helped us out immensely by carrying the hawks full of stucco cement to each of us around the house! With the kindness of the families around us, we were able to tidy up early and have the opportunity to help out the rest of the crew farther down the hill.

Tonight we had the honor of hearing the story of Marlon, one of our translators. His family was also a recipient of a home that Friends Church build 10 years ago. Marlon told us about the soccer team he coaches, now named Switch, in honor of the impact that the Friends Church team has made on him and the help they have given them over the years. The purpose of the team is not just about soccer but the primary goal is improving the lives of the children. He explained that what we are doing is being light, and adding color to our world. How we all have dark and we have light, and many of the families for whom we are building are going through some dark times but our arriving here brings light into their lives. He reinforced that we have all the tools to keep on adding color to the world.


The light itself has all the colors that exist, light travels and when it hits an object, it only reflects the colors that it hits.  All you have to do is shine.

We were lucky to celebrate 3 birthdays here in Tijuana- Feliz Compleanos Jenny, Reuben, and Levi!

Life is good

Stay tuned

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