Day 7 – Awareness

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Where to start – yesterday we came back into the US and made it safely to our hotel. We walked through the sliding door and into a beautiful lobby. It created a number of emotions, as hours earlier we had just been in Mexico and had witnessed poverty first hand. So we gathered as a group and chatted about the reverse culture shock we were experiencing and about how this experience could change our lives moving forward. This was definitely a healthy conversation. From there we went to our rooms, recognizing how tired each of us was from the previous late night Hot Seat marathon and the emotions that had drained us over the previous week – so to bed we went.

I must admit I slept like an absolute rock.

Today’s word was awareness – how far do you actually have to go to make a difference in someone’s life?

This morning we split into 4 groups – each one with $100 that they could use to make their world a better place, and off they went. Each group brainstormed ideas and then went and executed their plan.

We had groups purchase pet supplies for a local shelter, hand out flowers to the cleaning staff at the hotel, pass out kind notes, bought coffee’s for people at Starbucks, treated people to pedicures. The cool thing is there is no right or wrong idea. Each one impacted someone’s life in a positive way and one thing we better understand after this past week is the ripple effect that an act of kindness can create.

We then came back together at Huntington Beach for a bonfire and some games. It was incredible to unwind, laugh, sweat, and see the people we shared the trip with, in yet one more context. What a great day.

Tomorrow is a full day off, and the team will be heading in multiple directions before. We will be home in no time but are looking forward to one more day 🙂

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