Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

There have been many times when I have reflected back on my life growing up and wondered how I even survived both as a kid and teenager without a cell phones and the internet and today’s video games. Those long boring car and bus rides or wait times in the Dr’s office. All those boring moments that we didn’t have the luxury of DVD’s and iPads and Gameboys to pass the time. What did we even do on those nights when hockey wasn’t on and there was no Netflix?

These days, with the quarantine in effect, we can find ourselves turning to every digital tool and trick in the box to stave off the boredom..to fill those dreaded “dead spaces”.

What I’m learning though, is that these dead spaces can serve other very potent and powerful purposes. In fact, one purpose that can lead to incredible peace and calm, quality sleep and emotional stability. Things that many of us have likely experienced and benefited from at one time, but have since grown accustomed to living without. In the middle of what feels like an apocalyptic season, we have an opportunity to turn these dead spaces into sacred space and experience the life-changing benefits.

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