Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

I was newly married and taking my turn doing our laundry in a coin-operated laundromat while I worked nearby. When I arrived to pull all the clothes and linens out of the dryer, I found everything folded neatly on the counter. Quickly, I figured out which of the three ladies in there had done it and thanked her profusely. I even gave her a $10 bill to show my appreciation. That evening Cathy looked over all the laundry and asked where all the towels went? We had gotten a bunch of beautiful bath towels for our wedding and they were missing.

Then it dawned on me… that lady who I paid $10 for folding everything had stolen our towels!!! Grrrrrr!!!

Have you ever wanted to kick yourself for trusting someone who took advantage of you? Maybe they lied, or they cheated, or abused your trust in some way. Why is it that we so often, give people the benefit of the doubt and set ourselves up for potential heartbreak or personal harm? Is it possible to eliminate these kinds of hurtful events from happening?

This Sunday we’re exploring the complexity around something Malcom Gladwell refers to as our “Default to Truth”.

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