Speaker:  Jeff Jarvis

“If all you do is love the lovable, do you expect a bonus? Anybody can do that.” Matthew 5:47 (The Bible)

In a perfect world, we would connect in meaningful ways with all the people in our lives. But in reality, some people are just hard to love, aren’t they?

Likely we all have at least a few people in our lives who are “difficult”. For some, it’s a sibling or a parent or their teenage kid. For others it’s a coworker, or their neighbor, or their ex (who is the co-parent of their kid(s). Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly why they’re so difficult. Perhaps it’s their different attitudes, or beliefs, or their personality or their priorities. Whatever it is, it just makes seeing eye to eye with them and connecting very challenging.

Are there ways to make these relationships easier? To connect in healthier ways?

This week we turn our attention to a skill that has helped countless relationships overcome differences and conflicts to find a way forward. It’s a vital skill for any relationship really, but it’s especially helpful for loving the difficult people in our lives.

Invite a friend to watch or attend with you and we’ll see you Sunday in the gym.

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