Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

I grew up in a praying family and a praying church. In my circles, people prayed all the time for physical healing, for protection, for job security, even to find their soul-mate. And while some claimed to have their prayers answered, I witnessed many, many disappointments. In fact I experienced many disappointments which led to all kinds of troubling questions: Is God listening? Did I do something to make God angry? What is the correct way to pray? Over the years, I’ve observed and wrestled with many of these complexities of prayer. The truth is, I’m still wrestling.

A few years ago, I spoke on the topic but it’s been a while. Lately I’ve noticed some who are puzzled and some who are struggling to understand our approach to prayer at Friends Church. Especially because each of us pastors seems to relate to it a bit differently. This Sunday I want to revisit that message and also give a little update as to where I am at this point in my journey. Whether you’re someone who firmly believes in prayer or are someone who has stopped praying or even someone who has never prayed, I think this talk could be helpful. Hope you’ll invite a friend and join us this Sunday at the gym.

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