Speaker: Vince Klassen

We started this series with an idea – that we bid for connection with the people around us. We share a little piece of our lives, we tell them something that excites us, or scares us, or makes us sad. These are all bids for connection. But immediately we learned that the foundation of how we connect to the people around us is how we respond to the bids that others are sending our way. Are we:

  • Turning towards the bid – they say, “check this out” and we respond “wow, that looks amazing!” – connection grows
  • Turning away – they say, “check this out” and we change the subject “have you seen my socks?” – connection damaged
  • Turning against – they say, “check this out” and we respond with “does it look like I have time to look at that crap?” – connection damaged

The first option builds connection, the second two kill it!

So why do we turn away from the bids of the people we love? Why do we turn against someone that is just trying to connect with us? Does that make any sense? Are we possessed? Is this an exorcism situation??? It’s neither but there are some very important things we all need to know in order to turn towards the people we love consistently.

That’s the focus of this week. Learning to turn towards the bids for connection instead of turning against or turning away and damaging the connection.

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