Speaker:  Jeff Jarvis

I remember being in grade 9 when one of my best friends grew like over a foot taller than me. It seemed like someone was always commenting on and admiring his height. In those moments I felt invisible and insignificant. I remember wanting so badly to be tall like him. I imagined how different my life would be.

Have you ever admired something about someone – wanting so badly to have what they have? Their looks, their talent, perhaps something they owned or opportunities they got to experience? Have you ever found yourself caught in comparison, loathing some part of your own life? Or secretly celebrating when that “lucky” person’s charmed life took a dark turn.

This Sunday we’re going to explore Envy. For anyone who has ever wished their lives were like someone else’s and perhaps experienced some of the toxic fallout of what is listed as one of the 7 deadly sins, you need to be at the gym this Sunday. Invite a friend and join us. Artwork by @hattiousmay

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