Speaker: Vince Klassen

Let me start with a question: In what part of your life do you find the decisions just drain you? And when I say drain you what I mean is that part of your life drains you way more than any other parts of your life. Leaves you exhausted. Soul tired. We call that Excessive Burn Rate. The amount of energy needed to make those decisions is way higher than any other part of your life. So let me ask again: In what part of your life do you find the decisions have an Excessive Burn Rate?


What if there was a way to handle that part of your life with less of a burn rate? If you could navigate those decisions without using up all that energy. What would you do with the extra energy?

Join us this week, either online or in person, as we explore this amazing way to manage our lives so that we waste less energy on the things we don’t care about, so we can use it for things we do.

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