Speaker:  Vince Klassen

A friend of mine told me about a great burger restaurant that I just had to try. I’m a big fan of burgers so of course I went to that place to try one of their amazing burgers. Now imagine for a moment if I walk in, order my burger, and then the server brings out this huge plate of seafood pasta. How will I feel? Angry? Annoyed? Frustrated? Will I enjoy the seafood pasta? No, I won’t, because I was expecting a burger, I ordered a burger. And that expectation will destroy my enjoyment of a plate of seafood pasta.

  • Our expectations have the power to destroy any situation!

That amazing plate of seafood pasta isn’t even enjoyed because I was expecting a burger.

So if expectations have that kind of power to destroy a meal…

  • What kind of expectations do you have around sexuality?
  • How are those expectations destroying the sexuality you have?

This week we will explore one more side of the conversation around our sexuality. Some researchers have said that expectations is what’s causing the rise in reported cases of low libido and sexual performance. Regardless, our expectations matter and if we are not fully conscious of our expectations, if we haven’t examined them, chances are they are hurting our sexuality (solo or partnered). Join us this week at the Spiritual Gym, it will help your sex life, we promise <grin>.

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