Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

So last week “Wild, Wild Country”, a documentary about a religious cult in Oregon back in the 80’s, won an Emmy for best documentary. I don’t know if you’ve noticed recently, but documentaries on religious cults are a hit! From Jim Jones (Jonestown) and Charles Manson to David Koresh (Waco) and David Miscavige (Scientology), people can’t seem to get enough. There’s just something so fascinating but also terrifying about the amount of negative influence and control that certain people can cultivate over others. From the outside, it can be hard to believe that people would fall for the stuff these false prophets/leaders have said or done. How can people allow these charlatans to lead them down such a dark and painful road? I mean…we would never be so foolish to allow ourselves to be controlled by a false prophet, would we?

But here’s the problem, these toxic influencers can be some of the most unsuspecting people. Identifying them and seeing their subtle influence is not easy.

This Sunday, in part 3 of our Laws of the Universe series, we’re going to explore what modern, everyday versions of the “false prophet” can look like. We’ll also share some sage advice Jesus gave on the matter. Invite a friend and join us.

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