Final Touches

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Two days ago  we did our final coat of stucco on the families houses

In all the years I’ve been able to be a part of this amazing process, this day has never been a favourite of mine …. yesterday I figured out why

We are that much closer to having to say “goodbye, Hasta luego, see you again soon, enjoy your home,” 

The emotions boil over at an all-time high witnessing the joy on the families faces, along with the love that can’t be explained but only felt, driving us all to give just One. More. Hug.

Today we hand over the keys to their new homes that now have a lock to these much deserving families, as well as give them some material gifts to help with the day to day living. Mattress, stoves, toilet seats…
These families exude the meaning of gratitude through their eyes that can only be seen and felt in their presence. Their love pours through their constant smiles….

one thing I know for sure, they are not poor at all ….
they just need a hand to help them.

Today we will drive away from our new families, tears streaming down our cheeks, love shared openly & freely all while wrapped tightly in our hearts to hold onto forever, we head off down the dirt road knowing this world is a better place for them and inside each of us 

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