Speakers: Vince Klassen

We can all probably agree that there is a wide range of personalities. We each have our own unique personality that makes us different from anyone else — unique. No one is quite the same as us. And culture, currently, seems to celebrate this uniqueness and encourages us to celebrate what makes us unique. That’s great!

But have you ever thought that sexuality might be as varied as personality?

That just like there are things like introversion and extroversion in personality, there might be big “containers” like that in our sexuality? And we might all fit different “containers”?

“Containers” like:

  • What turns us on
  • What turns us off
  • What things get us into the mood for pleasure
  • What things heighten our pleasure
  • How we define sex
  • etc..

We all seem to be a little bit different. And until you look at your sexuality through a bunch of large “containers” (like we do in personalities), it’s hard to identify your unique sexuality (and if you have a lover, how their unique sexuality might be different from yours).

In our Spiritual Journey Model, we are going to bring Awareness to our “I” for sure (and for some, “they”).

Join us this week for a unique and wonderful look at each of our unique sexual makeups. Not only will we help you learn more about yourself, but we want to show you that you are ok, your unique sexuality is a beautiful thing — to be celebrated and not hidden.

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  • Jim says:

    Church is ” Called Out Ones”. Where is what you are saying declared scripturely. Are there know boundaries with God’s position? You are promoting multiple “partners”… Where does Jesus build your position? Why do you use the word “partner” rather than wife and husband? Are you ok with premarital sexual activity? Again where does scripture back your position.pr have you abandoned it’s position completely?

    • Friends Church says:

      Hey Jim, good questions. Most of that talk was pulled from the book of the Bible called Song of Songs which seems to be an erotic love poem between at least 2 unmarried lovers. Pretty “eye opening” compared to what might be the traditional view of sexuality in Christian traditions.

      I did a little research on the word translated “church” in some Greek Dictionaries. I can’t find the reference to “called out ones”. Would you send me where you found that translation and the meaning you attached to it?


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