Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

I believe one of the great human experiences is to have people in our lives who we can experience meaningful connection with. To have someone we can laugh with, or do things with, it might be someone we feel safe to confide in or to ask for help from – and, of course, vice-versa. This kind of connection can be like oxygen for the human soul. For those on a spiritual journey, this is especially true…

Sadly, less and less of us, these days are experiencing this. Research tells us that we are lonelier – more disconnected than we’ve ever been. The pandemic took what was already a dire situation and made it much worse.

However, as things open up allowing for more relational contact, we have a golden opportunity to change this. To seek out and find our people, to rebuild our personal tribes and restore levels of healthy community and connection in our lives.

This could involve adding people to your circle or reconnecting with someone you’ve lost touch with. It could also mean letting go of someone who no longer seems compatible.

Question: How do you decide who your people are…who you’re going to invest relationally in? Who should make up your personal tribe?

This Sunday I want to talk again about the various shapes and sizes and roles that different relationships can play in our lives.

If you’re wanting to experience a more enriching level of community this year, you will want to get out of bed and join us this Sunday

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