Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

Over the last couple years, my garage has evolved into a bit of a disaster. Tools, building supplies, bottles, old furniture, camping equipment, stuff from family we’ve been storing, along with all the other stuff that gets thrown/left in there out of laziness/convenience. It’s just grown into a bit of a nightmare.

Though the mess drives me crazy, the thought of what it will take to get it all cleared out and organized has been somewhat overwhelming. Especially because I’ve tried in the past and, if I’m really honest, it didn’t go so well. So I continue with my careful strategy of avoidance.

How about you? Is there some situation or project in your life that you’ve lost motivation for? Not because you don’t want to do it but because you kind of lack the confidence to get it done? This can happen in so many parts of our lives, can’t it? Our fitness, our finances/investments, relationships, even something simple like filing taxes. Often there’s just something about the challenge that seems greater than our current abilities — so we avoid it. Sound familiar?

What can be done to override that tendency to procrastinate or avoid these intimidating projects or situations?

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