Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

So the good news is that after completing step 3 “Granting Forgiveness”, you can experience remarkable internal peace and freedom. The not so good news is, we’re still left with this difficult question “how should I relate to that person who hurt me, going forward?”

If forgiveness isn’t about forgetting or about condoning one’s hurtful behavior. If forgiveness is a separate issue from justice and consequences, how does one decide how to relate to that person in the future? It doesn’t just go back to the way it was, does it? Should it? What are your options? This is what the critical final step in Desmond Tutu’s 4 step process addresses: deciding whether to renew or release the relationship with the person who hurt us.

It’s a step that isn’t discussed very often and can be extremely tricky, requiring some deep processing. But it’s so critical to moving on. So we’re going to tackle it on Sunday. Invite some friends and join us at the gym.

Because it’s time to “Move On”.

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