Free Day

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On our last full day in California we were able to choose how we wanted to spend our free time: some went to an outlet mall, others spent the day at Huntington Beach again, some got some new ink while another group managed to score tickets to a March Madness basketball game of Texas vs. Gonzaga.

Regardless of how we spent our last day, most of us felt a sense of readiness to return home to our families and friends. We were ready to recount the experience we just had and, for some, ready to return to our lives with a renewed sense of purpose. Our time in Tijuana will not soon be forgotten as the laughs we shared and tears we shed with the families we met are forever etched in our memories.

While it may seem overwhelming initially to return to what is our “normal life”, it’s important to remember that we can continue to practice patience, encouragement, kindness, curiosity, gratitude, awareness and being in the moment each day.

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