Speaker:   Jeff Jarvis & Vince Klassen

It’s a common experience: to set out to do something that we believe is the right or wise thing to do but then, for whatever reason, good or bad, we end up not getting around to it, possibly even avoiding it.

Perhaps you set out to be more intentional about your time with family or to spend less money. Some want to make time for their health, or to kick a habit, to lose weight, or to improve a relationship. These are all really good and wise options that can lead to really good things – important things. But then something happens and that “right thing to do” gets postponed…or even abandoned. This can happen in all parts of our lives, even our spiritual lives.

What important spiritual things have you postponed or abandoned over the past week, month or even year – that might really need your attention? This Easter weekend we’re exploring another perspective of sin and its relationship to these good intentions. We have some amazing music lined up and a ritual that has become a very meaningful annual Easter tradition. Invite a friend and join us in person, online…you’ll be glad you did.

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