Speaker: Vince Klassen

Someone said something hilarious this week, “with everyone stuck in their houses, how is it that the toilet paper shelves are empty but the liquor shelves are full?!” and though it’s meant to be tongue in cheek, there is something deeper there that is true isn’t it? We are not used to being around these people this much. So nerves are getting frayed. Tempers are short. Relationships are strained. Even with people we love.

And then something happens and someone, often us, explode. We just can’t take it anymore.

Why does this happen?
and more importantly,
How do we stop it?

It’s killing our relationships at a time when we can’t get any distance from people to work it out.
Building on the work of Islands and Waves that Jeff talked about last week, we are going to show you how those parts of our attachment system can hijack us if we don’t realize what is going on, and they can kill our relationships when we need them the most.

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