Speaker:   Jeff Jarvis

Dealing with other people’s emotions can be tricky, can’t it?

When someone around you starts crying or really freaking out about something or gets really down, knowing what to say without making things worse can seem daunting. But their emotion can also be annoying. It can make us feel embarrassed for them. Sometimes it can make us leery of some hidden motive – wondering, “is he/she just trying to manipulate me?”

Which raises all kinds of questions: Why do certain emotions make us feel so awkward? Can or should a person do something to support people when they’re in these emotional states?

These questions quickly lead us into a conversation around the spirituality of emotion. A conversation that we’re going to begin this weekend. Specifically around the emotion of anger.

We’ll also spice the conversation up with performances tunes by Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Sarah McLaughlin? How good is that?

So go ahead and get angry and then let’s talk. See you Sunday in the gym either in person or online…you’ll be glad you did.

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Lady Gaga – Angel Down
Sarah McLachlan – Dear God
Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

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