Speaker:  Vince Klassen

Contrary to Gordon Gekko’s famous line from the movie Wall Street, “Greed is good” I can find no instances where greed is actually good. In fact, the more I studied greed the more firm that conclusion became. But something else started to emerge from that study, that while greed is not good, there is something underneath greed that is actually really good.

Time and time again I’ve seen people throw out this good to avoid the evil of greed.

And relationships are failing because of it. Partnerships are deteriorating. Happiness is at an all time low. All because we might be throwing the good out with the bad – the baby with the bathwater.

So join us this week. Not for a guilt fest for having so much, but to examine what’s underneath the greed in all of us. To find something beautiful that I think, for the sake of the people we are with, we need to start embracing. Something that will make your life, and the world around you, better.

See you at the Spiritual Gym.

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