Speaker: Vince Klassen

The comedians have been poking fun at everyone lately for what each of the groups have. Dave Chapelle made fun of both the white and black communities in his opening monologue for SNL a few weeks ago, teasing each about what they have that the other group doesn’t. And it got me thinking of each of our stories, mine most of all, and asking “what do I have? What’s the unique set of skills, opportunities, resources etc that I was born with?” Another way of saying it is, what is the Hand That We Were Dealt?

Looking at the world through the Hand That I Was Dealt got me thinking of how I was using that hand. Fascinating question in light of our message last week on breaking our addiction to our cell phones and social media. If we spend less time on our devices, what are we planning on doing with that time? What are we doing with our money? our talents? our capacity? What are we doing with the Hand That We Were Dealt?

In the world we live in, in the reality we all face individually and together, I wonder if what is going to make or break our world is how each of us play our Hands. Join us this week as we explore what Hands we might have been Dealt, and how we might play them.

See you at the spiritual Gym. Join us in person or online.

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