Speaker:  Jeff Jarvis

Let’s be honest…no one wants to hear what the church has to say about Sex! Probably because we’re pretty sure we already know what we’re going to hear. “Unless you’re in a heterosexual, monogamous, married, relationship, sexual activity of any kind is filthy and evil. Sexual desire/pleasure? Wrong!! Masturbation? Evil! Sex outside of marriage? Don’t even think about it!! Same sex? Are you kidding me?

Church seems to be the last place where people would go to ask questions or to find guidance and wisdom to deal with the complexity and challenges of their personal and unique sexual lives. Why is that? Why has the church been so anti-sex? Not only unhelpful in many instances, but the source of so much pain and judgment toward people’s sexual lives? Is sexuality antithetical to the spiritual journey? Should our sexual lives have to remain this dirty little secret?

Invite a friend and join us Sunday for the first part of our “Know Thyself” series – as we explore the complicated role the church has played in the shaping of our cultural views of sexuality – but also how things just might be changing.

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