A home is completed – but wait there is more!

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Team Project Mexico 2018 is a wrap …. as far as building the homes go.

We made it safely back to the states with a small stop at the border crossing, with a little bag search, dog sniff of the vans, the kind border crossing man sent us on our marry way …..

We checked into the hotel, it took me a while to place my feet in the hot shower wanting to delay the inevitable of washing off the dirt, cement, and smell of the burning trash

As the memories take over, reality sets in quickly as our heads hit the soft pillows of our comfy beds, the sound of air conditioning replacing roosters and trains

The next couple of days we unwind, we reflect, some cry, some write, some verbal processing, some sit alone, some think, some keep busy not wanting to acknowledge we’ve just experienced one of the more life-changing events ever, we all reflect in our own way …..

Tomorrow we will rise again.

Tomorrow we help make our world a better place in our local community

Tomorrow we continue as a team to get to know one another, lean on each other, laugh with bonfires on the beach, spike ball, volleyball, sun sand and smiles
This team will hold a special place in my heart. Looking forward to chilling with you all

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