Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

At the heart of our Spiritual Journey Model is this idea that we are all together. It’s not focused on I against Them, it’s focused on We. Our fates are all connected.

And so when we talk about making the world a little bit better, what we are talking about is changing our behaviors. Because the model we are exploring says, to change my behaviors, changes all the people I’m connected with.

Make those behaviors better and the world gets better.
Make those behaviors worse and the world gets worse.

But how does one actually do that? How does one actually grow in a way that one’s behaviors get better? Is it just a matter of trying hard? And if we didn’t change a problematic behavior, is it just because we didn’t try hard enough?

Modern science says that to do the Spiritual work of making the world a little bit better, it’s not just a matter of trying hard. Or trying harder than you are already trying. It’s about something deeper than that. Something inside of each of us that when we can tap into it, growth becomes more effortless.

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