Speaker: Vince Klassen

It’s finally here, whether we are ready for it or not, the lifting of the pandemic restrictions. For some, it couldn’t come soon enough, for others, it came too quick. But before we are ready to move into this phase of the pandemic, spiritual wisdom and modern research tell us that we need to deal with the stress of the last 14 months. Because that stress, if not dealt with properly, can taint everything else going forward. Create a life of unhappiness. It can impact if we:

– snap at our kids
– break down at the most inappropriate time
– have issues with anger and rage
– treat the people in our lives with love
– even have the capacity to deal with our everyday lives

Our spiritual tradition has ways to deal with this stress and modern research supports those methods. So, for that matter, does popular culture. Pharrell Williams, the famous songwriter and performer, wrote a song that guides us through the stress of this season into a much better place. A place we want each and every one of us to find, even in the midst of the stressors of our everyday life. The song is called, appropriately, Happy.

Join us this week, either in person or online as we plot a path through the stress and stressors of our lives to that utopian place where we can say we are Happy.

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