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Not everyone fits traditional church – we don’t even fit traditional church.  So we made a place that is safe for people like us.

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You may have grown up in church or never stepped foot in one, regardless you have a sense that there has to be More.  More than individuals looking out for themselves and more than just putting in time.

So we created a way of connecting with the Christian tradition that helped us to connect to something More. An approach that values our experience and our intellect, while engaging our hearts and desire for purpose.  It’s in the midst of ALL of those, that we connect to something More, whether you call that God, your higher power, the divine or just something More.

If you have kids or teenagers, we created a program in the same philosophy for them that we are really excited about.

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“The most honest, real and relevant church experience. A very relaxed, come as you are environment. They really get what makes people tick and that they want to be a part of something that makes a difference. And a great place to heal from life’s troubles and bad church experiences too. The messages are so good my teens go to hear them!”


If you are looking for traditional church of traditional theology, we aren’t going to be a good fit (but we can point you in the direction of some amazing traditional churches).  But if you are looking for a connection to something More that doesn’t fit the traditional church you have found a home.

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We understand that it might be a little daunting to come the first time.  We get that.  So if you are a little nervous feel free to listen to some of our talks to make sure that we are a fit.  Or, you can get a weekly email telling you about the upcoming talks so that you can choose the perfect talk for your first Sunday.

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