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Don't Fit Church?  Hell, Neither Do We!

There's often a magnetic pull toward spirituality and embarking on a personal journey, yet the conventional idea of a church may not resonate with everyone. That's why we've created a community—a church—that embraces and explores the distinctive paths of each individual's spiritual journey.

Our approach intentionally avoids the conventional trappings often associated with traditional churches, steering clear of the one-size-fits-all approach to spirituality.

We say we exist to inspire you to a Spirituality of Taking Water - one that makes your worlds better.

Skeptical? Explore a few of our talks tailored for newcomers to Friends Church and see for yourself.

What Makes Us a Little Different?

For starters, we try really hard to be honest about what are beliefs and what are provable facts - and we don't mix them up.  Spirituality is something we believe, it tends to not be provable.

We also believe each person is on their own unique spiritual journey.  No two journeys are the same.  And they shouldn't be.  We are all so different it only makes sense that our spirituality will be unique to each of us.

Don't Take Our Word for It

“The most honest, real and relevant church experience. A very relaxed, come as you are environment. They really get what makes people tick and that they want to be a part of something that makes a difference. And a great place to heal from life’s troubles and bad church experiences too. The messages are so good my teens go to hear them!”

Who Is Welcome?

Everyone is welcome, and we mean everyone (assuming you are a person who can be in a place where everyone is welcome).  Our only guidelines are that we love each other, the best we are able.

We are made up of people who identify with every gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, religious background, religious expression, race, age, etc.  We have people who identify as Christian and some who don't, some who identify as theists and some who don't.  We are a diverse community and everyone - no matter what you believe, where you came from, or who you are - as long as can love the people around you, you are welcome!

What's My Next Step?

Take a look around.  Check out our previous talks.  Watch the live stream Sunday morning so you can listen to the music and the teaching.  And if or when you are ready, consider joining us Sunday morning in person.  There is something about this Jewish Temple that just might move you.

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