Speaker: Vince Klassen

Where do we all fit in our spiritual journeys?  Some traditions tell us that we are bad.  Everything we want is bad.  Some go so far as to say we are nothing but Worms and Dirt.

This week we want to explore how each and every person, our “I”, fits into our spiritual journeys.  Is our “I” something to be overcome like some traditions?  Is our desires and wants somehow bad?  Is the goal of the spiritual journey a monastic or cloistered life – like a nun or a monk?

Or is there something More going on here even as we relate to our “I” in the world?

We’ve been thinking about a model of our Spiritual Journey that has some surprising insights when it comes to how we see our “I” in our worlds.

Join us this week as we explore the second last week on our series Our Spiritual Journey Reimagined.  This one could literally change your life!:)

Come on out, bring a friend, and lets get some energy going in our spiritual journeys.

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